25 Mar


Dear business partners,

We would like to inform about new DepoLink terminal measures related to COVID 19, we are forced to implement in order to limit the virus consequences and it’s potential spread among our employees and customers. The below measures are dictated by the health profession, the relevant ministries and the SLO authorities.

The below measures significantly limits the possibility of the infection-virus transmission between all participants in operational processes within DepoLink terminal area.

Please inform all your customers (shipping lines, agents, freight forwarders, carriers, truckers, others) who will visit DepoLink terminal in the next days/weeks.

  1. Truck drivers must wear protective masks, otherwise they aren’t allowed to exit the truck-cab and must stay in the cab during the whole stay/operational procedures at the terminal; the same is valid for other customers (visitors)
  2. All truck drivers respecting the measures and wearing protective masks, are allowed to exit the cab, but only upon arrival/stopping in front of the gate (checkpoint), where, at a safe distance of at least 2 meters, they wait for DepoLink checker, who performs the container check and arranges all administrative (documentation) details,
  3. After entering the terminal (through the cab-window or gate-window), each driver is given a leaflet with basic instructions for virus-related measures and behaviour. Additionally, DepoLink staff explains the basic measures and proper behaviour implemented in the terminal area,
  4. It is strictly forbidden to ‘socialize’ in the terminal area without protective equipment (masks) and without observing a minimum 2m distance between all participants,
  5. The coffee machine container remains closed for all visitors of the terminal until further notice.

All terminal visitors are MANDATORLY required to comply with the above measures and respect all other instructions from terminal staff. DepoLink terminal reserves the right to NOT treat/handle truck drivers, customers or any visitors of the terminal in case of not-complying with mentioned measures and instructions.

Thank you all for taking immediate action and start respecting the new measures with the primary goal to protect the health of all participants using DepoLink terminal.

We all have the common interest that DepoLink terminal remains OPEN and fully operational even during these difficult times.

We remain at your disposal for any further questions you may have and we welcome you!

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